Coffee Table Styling

Styling is the buzz word of the moment and everyone wants to know how to style their home perfectly! So where do we start? 

Because a coffee table is an essential accompaniment to most seating arrangements, we always focus on beautiful composition whilst leaving space for a bit of functionality – remote, wine glass and nibbles!

Explore our top tips and release your inner stylist!

Give It Height

Enhance height by adding a floral arrangement or sculpture which also provides great texture. A simple and effective way to start is to place the tallest piece in the centre and use it to balance smaller styling arrangements on either side. Start the layering process by styling on top of trays and books.

Luxdeco is our ‘go to’ for exquisite artificial arrangements in our projects. 

Top Tip

Transparent decorative pieces are fabulous for creating an illusion of space, an ‘airy’ feel and displaying accent pieces in style! This is particularly effective if you’re working with a small space and don’t want bulky and bold pieces of decor to take over. Transparent pieces have an elegant look and are so chic! We just love these Mojoo Domes from the fabulous Westholme Interiors!

Statement Jars

Let your statement pieces sing! Sleek statements work a treat and really create a ‘still’ look if you prefer a clean finish. This Eichholtz vase collection is miminal and chic. As long as your statement is in proportion with the coffee table you can’t go wrong ie. you wouldn’t place a small floral arrangement in the centre of a large coffee table – proportion is everything with this look!


Beautiful decorative arrangements for interest are a must! Create levels of interest through layering. Stack decorative pieces in odd numbers for best visual impact. Three is the ‘magic’ number for all arrangements but other odd-numbered groupings work nicely too. It’s important to have materials, colours, textures and styles that blend and enhance each other within these arrangements. Scale is important here, so make sure these elements are in proportion to each other AND the coffee table.

Our friends at No.18 Interiors have a beautiful collection of decorative pieces that are definitely worth checking out if you’re looking to restyle your space!

Top Tip

Create visual interest within your styling by mixing shapes and textures. Pair curved items with straight, textured with smooth and matt with gloss.

Get Your Green on!

Foliage injects a sense of calm and balance to the space, adding much needed extra texture. We love a variety of foliage to express nature's place within each design. One of our favourites is dried eucalyptus because of its longevity and uplifting scent. And we love to make arrangements last longer by going faux! So whichever way you choose - making it appear lusciously lovely is key!

- Remember to use an odd number of stems

- Vary the heights of your stems to create texture and interest

- Add water to your vase to make stems appear magically real in an instant. No one will be able to tell they are faux!

Top Tip

Make the most of your styling by adding chic storage baskets below your coffee table. This not only offers discrete storage - it perfectly conceals belongings you don't want displayed. The added texture is of course a brilliant bonus!

Blending within the interior

It is so important to look always at the bigger picture. Not only should a beautifully styled coffee table take centre stage in your space but it should also enhance the decor. Make sure styles are working together i.e if the room is contemporary make sure the coffee table styling reflects the essence of the whole space. This way, your coffee table fits both practically into the space and accentuates the decor.

Top Tip

Adding multifunctional furniture maximizes your space. Include stools in your coffee table arrangement to frame out the area, offer balance and complete your seating layout. Choose a lidded stool if you want extra storage for a cosy blanket!

Stimulate the senses

We remember the warm and fuzzy feelings of special and significant events. The feeling of any Interior is so very important. After choosing your flower or foliage arrangement you want to think about your emotional connection with  your space! Home fragrance encourages a sense of well being and comfort and selecting the fragrance that you wish to evoke is a very personal process.

One of our favourite home scents is Neom Tranquility. This is perfect for creating a ‘wind down’ haven in your bedroom or bathroom. The Inner Strength candle by Aromatherapy Associates is all about positivity – and what we are all about! Infused with essential oils this beautiful, uplifting scent is perfect for re-engerising your space. The Scent Boutique creates very beautiful candles and the owner, Emma, is a good friend of ours.  All candles are handmade and Pink Peony and Blush Suede is our firm favourite! 

Top Tip

An easy, effective and alternative way to style a square coffee table is to first imagine the surface of the table in four equal parts. Use our Top Tips to compose a styling set in each quarter. Experiment with the orientation of each arrangement until the look feels stylish and balanced!



Metallic finishes in gold, silver and copper will add a little bit of glamour and elevate your styling in an instant. Currently, we are devotees of gold accents in our projects when it comes to styling.

Gold demands the spotlight, but less is more when using metallic finishes so you only need a few statements to make the look ‘pop’!

To create depth, contrast and layer these finishes with matt textures.