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Adding a touch of luxury to each room is our number one tip when it comes to getting that designer look. Glitters and metallics add a little bling and work well in smaller rooms as features will reflect off them, giving the illusion of a bigger space.

Home Styling

Successful interior design is all about getting each of the elements in a room to work well together while still standing out and making an individual impact. The easiest way to create a designer look is to add personality using home accessories, or  ‘home jewellery’. Building a collection of staple pieces, such as standout trinkets and vases is so important but most people find it difficult to pair pieces together to get a composition.

Our new collection of exquisite pieces look fabulous layered together which is one of the main principles we use within any design.

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It's all about Layering!

'Layering and mixing textures is key to creating visual interest'

The beautiful Embellina Tray is the perfect home styling piece to display and layer a collection of decorative pieces.

It features an array of blue hues which merge together artistically which contrast with the luxurious gold trims and handles.

Add more texture by layering this with the beautiful the Perri Trio Set and Lava Vase to complete the look!

Rustic Glam

It’s a design style that mixes earthy, time-worn items with a sprinkling of glamour. The key to rustic glam décor is getting the right mix of shine and sparkle paired with natural elements. By mixing aspects of both, you balance the two styles out. 

Mix our stone sculptures with the metallic Lava Vase and Abstract Trio Balls to achieve this look! 

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Grouping Objects

The rule of three is used in interior design to create interest, rhythm and depth. It helps to think of it as a composition of elements created to draw your attention through the room. Seeing the same colors, design patterns and shapes throughout a room gives it a cohesive design.

Make a statement by grouping similar objects like vases, sculptures or decorative pieces together, so that they become a stronger design element as a whole than they would be individually.

Less Is More!

The term “less is more” means that having less of something makes a stronger – and more enjoyable – statement than overwhelming the senses with too much all at once.
Strong colours or patterns, though amazing, create a better impact when used sparingly in interior design, than when lots of both are crammed together in one space.
The same rule applies for mixing styles of furniture. Using mostly clean lines and neutral tones lets you add one outstanding piece. It can then sit comfortably, without competing with other pieces.